Solar Projects

UPACs Leiria with 2000 photovoltaic solar panels

Production units for self-consumption (UPAC), constitute the installation of a total of about 2000 photovoltaic solar panels in Leiria, Portugal.

Mexeeiro Solar Farm

Solar Farm that is being performed to the client Generg – important player with a considerable portfolio in the renewable energy -, and will take place in the municipality of Salvaterra de Magos, in Ribatejo. Consist in a total of 80,000 photovoltaic solar panels in tracker structures, equivalent to the capacity of more than 30 MW.

Eleven units of photovoltaic panels Vila de Rei

Project of installation of photovoltaic production units in Vila de Rei, namely in a few number of infrastructures in the this municipality of Castelo Branco’s district. The company will install eleven renewable energy, by solar panels those will be used in many structures, including a car parking lot that will be fully covered with photovoltaic panels.

Photovoltaic Complex São João Piauí

Rosseti executed the low and medium voltage network in two fields with different tracker structures for the company ELECNOR in the municipality of São João do Piauí, located in the state of Piauí, Brazil. Project of 223 MWpcompleted in january 2020 by 50 employees.

Photovoltaic Complex Sobrado

Mounting of trackers, assembly of modules, installation of the low voltage network and installation of the medium voltage network in the municipality of Remanso, located in the state of Bahia, Brazil. 250 employees of our campany worked in this 35MWp project, in september 2019.

Photovoltaic Complex Esmeralda

Our company did the electromechanical mounting of the work, from the assembly of trackers to the installation of the medium voltage network. In addition, we executed scopes that emerged in the course of construction such as drainage ditches, construction of the OEM building in the municipality of Agrestina, located in Pernambuco, Brazil, in August 2019.

Photovoltaic Complex APODI

Recovery of tracker structures that were damaged, where Rosseti worked to remove the damaged trackers and performed the replacement of new structures on a tight schedule for the SCATEC client, in the municipality of Quixeré, located in the state of Ceará, Brazil, in July 2019.

Photovoltaic Park Cartaxo

The installation of the 10megawatts (MW) Photovoltaic Park in Cartaxo (Portugal) has already been completed. In total, 20.000 photovoltaic modules were installed.

Solar Complex Coremas

We started with WEG, the Solar Coremas complex, located in the city of Coremas, state of Paraíba – Brazil.