Thinking of agility as well as other company equipment, we present some of our central Grout-mounted Sider truck, more space to store Grout, it is possible to keep up to 20,000 kg of Grout to work without having to return to the warehouse.

Together with Grout Central, we have:

1 power generator
2 grout pumps (1 reserve), both fixed to the platform and ready for operation;
1 stainless steel water chiller with capacity for up to 1,200 liters,
4 Water tank 1,000 liters each;
Platform with side vents on canvas can be opened and closed as required, internal and external lighting and steel bottom, with room for 20 Tn. of Grout.

Benefits in the field:
Greater agility in the displacements between Towers;
No need for truck crane to move between towers;
Grout protected, mainly against the direct action of the winds, sun and rain;
Transport from the Grout to the Tower without the need for other equipment;
Greater control of the consumption of products;
Safety in the application, since we have a reserve pump ready for use
Among other benefits offered.
We have several equipment and we can meet the demand of projects with smaller volume and even large projects.