In September 2018, we signed a contract with WEG to begin the installation of UFV Fazenda Esmeralda, in the city of Agrestina -PE, northeast of Brazil.

The Proton Energy Property Project had its energy commercialized in the 2nd LER / 2015, with an approximate investment of 154 million reais.

The project will have an installed capacity of 33 MWp and will have 91,700 photovoltaic modules, 13,755 stakes and 764 trackers (STI Norland).

Scheduled for commissioning in February 2019.

Another renewable energy project to improve the country’s energy efficiency, respecting the environment.

We congratulate Proton Energy for the investment and courage, and we thank WEG for the trust entrusted to us, entrusting one more of their projects to Rosseti.