We are installing the towers of the largest wind project currently under construction in Latin America, the Cutia and Bento Miguel Wind Complex. This project will have 149 concrete towers with 120 meters of height and the wind turbines are from the Brazilian manufacturer WEG, AGW 2.1-110.

Our contractual scope includes all the mechanical and electrical assembly, including lifts assembly of German Hailo Manufacturer and assembly and pre-assembly of concrete towers, all made by ourselves.

It is an innovative project, where the towers are manufactured locally, generating local jobs, both in the manufacture and assembly of the towers, we always seek to train local professionals integrating into our teams.

Copel, is the owner of the both projects as follow:

Cutia Wind Complex – 6th LER / 2014 – Reserve Power Auction, with 86 wind turbines and 180.6 MW of power.

Bento Miguel Complex – 20th LEN / 2014 – New Energy Auction, with 63 wind turbines and 132.3 MW of power.

Congratulations to Copel for entrepreneurship, and thank WEG for the trust.